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1936 Ford Other Pickups Deluxe

Sale price: $US 20,300.00 Make an offer
Last update: 21.06.2017
Car location: Boise, Idaho, United States   
			<span itemprop='availableAtOrFrom'>Boise, Idaho, United States</span>
Sale type: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Interior Color:Brown
Model:Other Pickups
Body Type:Convertible
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Engine:221 CID Flathead V8
Vehicle Title:Clear
Drive Type:Luxury
Power Options:--
Sub Model:Deluxe
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:Green
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1936 Ford Other Pickups Deluxe for sale
Current customer rating: Rating 3 (3) based on 25 votes
Classic 1936 Ford Other Pickups Deluxe for Sale
Classic 1936 Ford Other Pickups Deluxe for SaleClassic 1936 Ford Other Pickups Deluxe for Sale

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absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } @@@3435128@@@ ☎ Call or text "97453" to 208-437-7278 for more information GORGEOUS VERY RARE METICULOUSLY FRAME OFF RESTORED 1936 FORD CLUB CABRIOLET BACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXT Image 1/97 Image 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86/97 Image 87/97 Image 88/97 Image 89/97 Image 90/97 Image 91/97 Image 92/97 Image 93/97 Image 94/97 Image 95/97 Image 96/97 Image 97/97 Vehicle Overview: Stock: 604244 VIN: 7604244 Year: 1936 Exterior Color: Armory Green Make: Ford Interior Color: Saddle Brown Leather Model: Deluxe Club Cabriolet Mileage: 95568 Engine: 221 CID Flathead V8 Transmission: Manual Vehicle Description: *** GORGEOUS !! EXTREMELY RARE !! METICULOUSLY FRAME OFF RESTORED PAMPERED 1936 FORD MODEL 68 DELUXE CLUB CABRIOLET CONVERTIBLE !! *** *** EXTREMELY RARE ONLY 4,616 CLUB CABRIOLET CONVERTIBLES WERE BUILT IN 1936 !! ****** TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND MANY HUNDREDS OF HOURS SPENT ON THE METICULOUS NUT BOLT RESTORATION OF THIS BEAUTY !! ****** STRONG !! APPEARS ORIGINAL REBUILT 221 CID FLATHEAD V8 MOTOR ORIGINAL STYLE "21 BOLT" HEADS ORIGINAL INTAKE MANIFOLD ORIGINAL EXHAUST MANIFOLDS ORIGINAL STYLE CARBURETOR ORIGINAL STYLE ENGINE COOLANT HOSES ORIGINAL "OIL BATH" AIR CLEANER HOUSING !! *** *** SMOOTH REBUILT THREE SPEED FLOOR SHIFT MANUAL TRANSMISSION !! *** *** EYE POPPING BEAUTIFUL !! ARMORY GREEN EXTERIOR FINISH !! *** *** VERY NICE !! NEW TAN CLOTH CONVERTIBLE TOP WITH CORRECT GLASS REAR WINDOW !! *** *** VERY NICE !! SADDLE BROWN LEATHER AND CLOTH DELUXE INTERIOR !! *** *** AWESOME ORIGINAL PAINTED STEEL WHEELS WITH CORRECT STAINLESS STEEL FORD CENTER CAPS AND BEAUTY RINGS WRAPPED IN BRAND NEW CORRECT WIDE WHITEWALL COKER BIAS PLY TIRES !! ****** FACTORY ORIGINAL FIREWALL MOUNTED FORD PATENT PLATE !! ****** NEW FUEL TANK NEW FUEL LINES NEW BRAKES NEW SHOCKS, BUSHINGS, MOUNTS, ETC. !! *** *** NICE DRY SOLID IDAHO HIGH MOUNTAIN DESERT WESTERN CAR !! *** *** 100 ADDITIONAL PICTURES BELOW THE DESCRIPTION AND MUST SEE VIDEO OF THE CAR ABOVE !! *** Take look at this GORGEOUS !! EXTREMELY RARE !! FRAME OFF RESTORED PAMPERED 1936 Ford Deluxe Club Cabriolet Convertible! It is EXTREMELY RARE as they only built 4,616 Club Cabriolet Convertibles in 1936 !! You can now own GORGEOUS RESTORED Classic Pre-War Ford that is getting very hard to find, especially in this condition !! Tens of thousands of dollars and many, many hours have been spent on the meticulous nut and bolt restoration of this BEAUTY !! We have been asked to sell this Club Cabriolet by the family who is handling the estate of the local Idaho owner who recently passed away and as you can tell it was his pride and joy for sure !! This is NICE DRY SOLID Idaho High Mountain Desert Western car and it shows drove this car as my daily driver for the last several days and it runs and drives VERY WELL! This Club Cabriolet is sweet driver in town and cruises down the freeway at 55+ mph easily and smoothly. If you can make it to Boise please come take look at and drive this BEAUTY for yourself. This is QUALITY CLASSIC CAR THAT IS READY TO DRIVE, SHOW AND ENJOY! At the heart of this RARE BEAUTY is what appears to be the STRONG !! ORIGINAL REBUILT 221 CID Flathead V8 motor that is running VERY well indeed. The motor also still retains it's ORIGINAL Style "21 Stud" heads, ORIGINAL intake manifold, ORIGINAL exhaust manifolds, ORIGINAL "Oil Bath" air cleaner housing, ORIGINAL Style Carburetor and the ORIGINAL Style engine coolant hoses. Sounds GREAT too with the NEW factory style exhaust system with stainless steel "V8" tip. The engine is backed by SMOOTH REBUILT Three speed floor shift manual transmission that also functions very well !! The BEAUTIFUL !! NEW Saddle Brown Leather and Tan Cloth bench seat Deluxe interior is in VERY NICE condition including VERY NICE NEW Saddle Brown Leather and Tan Cloth front seat, VERY NICE NEW Matching Tan Cloth door panels, VERY NICE NEW Tan carpeting, NICE ORIGINAL Ford steering wheel, VERY NICE ORIGINAL Factory Gauge clusters, VERY NICE NEW Simulation Wood grain dash and VERY NICE NEW Saddle Brown Leather rear bench seat !! The BEAUTIFUL NEW Tan Cloth convertible top is also in VERY NICE condition and comes with correct glass rear window. All of the black rubber weatherstripping is soft, supple in NEW condition. The GORGEOUS "Armory Green" exterior finish is EYE POPPING BEAUTIFUL !! showing only few very small chips that have been touched up and is still bright and shiny and looks STUNNING !! as you can clearly see in the video above 100 ADDITIONAL PICTURES BELOW! The body, hood, trunk lid and front fenders are ALL AMERICAN STEEL, the rear fenders are fiberglass. Armory Green exterior with BEAUTIFUL Saddle Brown Leather interior is GREAT color combination indeed, how could it get any better on Club Cabriolet ?! This Deluxe Cabriolet also comes nicely equipped including factory power vacuum wipers, factory pop-up front air vent, factory manual choke and throttle knobs, factory "bolt lock" locking steering column, original style rear view mirror, factory gauge clusters with 100 MPH speedometer and working original fuel, oil pressure, amperage and temperature gauges, good glass, original style dual side view exterior mirrors, an electric auxiliary fuel pump and factory style rear mounted spare tire. There are not many of these BEAUTIES left on the roads for sure! The suspension and drive line all seem to be in good working order as well as the electrical system. All of the ORIGINAL Chrome and Stainless Steel exterior body trim and moldings are in VERY NICE condition including VERY NICE ORIGINAL Stainless Steel front and rear bumpers, VERY NICE ORIGINAL Stainless Steel front and rear bumper guards, VERY NICE ORIGINAL badging, VERY NICE NEW Original Style black rubber running boards, NICE ORIGINAL Stainless Steel front grill and VERY NICE ORIGINAL Chrome headlight surrounds. Take look at the AWESOME ORIGINAL Matching steel wheels with correct Ford stainless steel center caps and beauty rings wrapped in BRAND NEW CORRECT Coker wide whitewall bias ply tires, boy does this combination look OUTSTANDING on this Club Cabriolet and really give it that CLEAN "Factory Original" look !! The Clean Solid trunk also sports VERY NICE black liner. All of the ORIGINAL light lenses reflectors are clear, bright, UN-CRACKED and BEAUTIFUL! This Deluxe Club Cabriolet Convertible is good investment opportunity and it is priced right! This vehicle is in nice mechanical condition and it runs and drives very well. looked underneath and also included photos below. In my opinion, you're not going to find much nicer ORIGINAL floors than the one's on this BEAUTY !! Please pay close attention to the picture and video above and THE 100 ADDITIONAL PICTURES BELOW and this description as they will answer most if not all of your questions. If you need to speak to me my name is Kris and my phone number is 208/585/7155. We prefer bank to bank wire transfer of funds as payment for the car but we will also accept bank cashiers check (US only) or third party check. Funds must clear our account before the vehicle or the title to the vehicle is released to the buyer or the buyer's agent. We do not accept PayPal. This is one GORGEOUS !! EXTREMELY RARE !! FRAME OFF RESTORED PAMPERED 1936 Ford Deluxe Club Cabriolet Convertible. Please review our 1,200+ testimonials from our previous customers in our eBay feedback and see all of our satisfied auto buyer responses. eBay has given us their highest rating for customer satisfaction as noted at the top right hand area of each of our auctions and this was not easy to achieve. We also have five star rating (THE HIGHEST AND BEST) on our Google page by our customers who have purchased Classic Car from us! We have been selling classic automobiles to buyers all over the world on eBay since 1999, 17+ years and have been in business for 26+ continuous years! Please do not bid on this auction unless you are serious. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AND 100 ADDITIONAL PICTURES !! Vehicle Specification: Optional Equipment: ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL KRIS (208) 585-7155EXTREMELY RARE AS ONLY 4,616 CLUB CABRIOLET CONVERTIBLES WERE BUILT IN 1936STRONG ORIGINAL REBUILT 221 FLATHEAD V8 MOTOREYE POPPING BEAUTIFUL ARMORY GREEN EXTERIOR FINISHVERY NICE SADDLE BROWN LEATHER AND CLOTH DELUXE INTERIORNICE DRY SOLID ORIGINAL FLOORSBEAUTIFUL ESTATE CAR GORGEOUS NUT AND BOLT FRAME OFF RESTORED 1936 FORD MODEL 68 DELUXE CLUB CABRIOLET CONVERTIBLETENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND MANY HUNDREDS OF HOURS SPENT ON THE NUT AND BOLT FRAME OFF RESTORATIONSMOOTH REBUILT THREE SPEED TRANSMISSIONVERY NICE NEW TAN CLOTH CONVERTIBLE TOP WITH CORRECT GLASS REAR WINDOWNICE DRY SOLID IDAHO HIGH MOUNTAIN DESERT WESTERN CAR ALL HENRY FORD AMERICAN STEEL EXCEPT FOR TWO REAR FIBERGLASS FENDERS Vehicle Photos: Vehicle Warranty: This vehicle is being sold as is, where is with no warranty, expressed written or implied. The seller shall not be responsible for the correct description, authenticity, genuineness, or defects herein, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. No allowance or set aside will be made on account of any incorrectness, imperfection, defect or damage. Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as warranty of any type. It is the responsibility of the buyer to have thoroughly inspected the vehicle, and to have satisfied himself or herself as to the condition and value and to bid based upon that judgement solely. The seller shall and will make every reasonable effort to disclose any known defects associated with this vehicle at the buyer's request prior to the close of sale. Seller assumes no responsibility for any repairs regardless of any oral statements about the vehicle. About Ross's Valley Auto Sales: Located in beautiful Boise, Idaho. We have been selling Classic, Rare and Collectible vehicles to buyers all over the world since 1999. We take great pride in presenting every vehicle as it truly is and making sure "What you see is what you get." Terms and Conditions: Payment Options We accept the following payment methods:
- Cashier's Check/money order
- Loan check from eBay Financing Center
- Cash (in person)
Vehicle Pickup Shipping All shipping charges are buyer's responsibility. General Terms Winning bidder must contact us within 24 hours of auction end, and make arrangements for payment at that time. We prefere bank to bank wire transfer of funds as payment as this is the safest for you and for us. We do not accept any paypal payments. 25% deposit is due within days of the end of auction. The remainder is due within days of the auction ending. If no contact is made within 24 hours we reserve the right to re-list the vehicle, sell it to the next high bidder, or sell it otherwise. Most banks and credit unions do not finance vehicles older than 1995 or with more than 100K miles. Make sure if financing, your financial institution accepts the year and miles of this vehicle before bidding. Please arrange financing prior to bidding. Buyer is responsible for pickup or shipping of this vehicle. If you wish to have it shipped using service we will gladly cooperate. You can locate shippers by doing search for `auto shippers`. If you are not sure about something, Please ASK. Do not assume anything not listed is included. We reserve the right to end the listing if the vehicle is no longer available for sale. Please do not bid on this auction unless you are serious about owning this vehicle.  IF THE RESERVE IS NOT MET, WE MAY CONTACT THE HIGH BIDDER TO OFFER THE SECOND CHANCE OPTION. Fees and Taxes Idaho residents must pay 6% sales tax. We have no other fees or hidden charges ☎ Call or text "97453" to 208-437-7278 for more information

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