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1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1

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Last update: 29.11.2019

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Sub Model:RS ZL-1
Drive Type:Gasoline
Vehicle Title:Clear
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1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 for sale
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Classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 for Sale
Classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 for SaleClassic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 for Sale

                                                                                                                          1969 427 ZL-1 Rally Sport Camaro                                              
       My All Aluminum ZL-1 427 Engine has "697" in Torque at “4300 RPM”  (Look at the Dyno Sheet Picture)  And have Great Low-End Torque... "602" in Torque at “3000 RPM”     That's "Seat of Your Pants" Feeling Torque!!!                                                                                                           Runs on Pump Gas...Stays Nice and Cool at 185-195 on the Temp Gauge...Aluminum Dissipates Heat Better
                  Another 1969 ZL-1 427 Camaro Built, about Years ago is on Ebay now also...It is Red Convertible RS ZL-1... Item is 113702084650 ...They have Video of this 427 ZL-1 and Good "Walk Around" the Camaro...You can also Hear the 427 Aluminum Engine Run in the Video...I Built this Camaro this way with the SS Stripes and the SS Wheels for the First Guy...That is the way "He" wanted it Built...                                                    
                                                                                                  This Rare Muscle Car inthis Auction is Being Built as Correct Recreation of 1969 ZL-1 427 Camaro...  Any Color and Options "You" Want                                                                                                                                                     You have always wanted to “Step Back in Time” and Order “Your” ZL-1   COPO,  Yenko, or Baldwin Motion Camaro.                                                                                                     "Now You Can"......I can Build them Better, Stronger, Faster and they Run on Pump Gas...                                                                                                                          Plus Street-able!      Technology has come "Along Way"  since 1969
                                am like Dealer Ship in1969...You would walk in to my Shop or call me and then Order the Options theColors and then the Engine that You would like in your Camaro...                                                                                                                                                                                   “I will Build Your ExactDream Muscle Car”
This Camaro would beBuilt to Your Specification's

I do not Build theseCamaros to get Rich...Clearly that is True at the Price that Icharge... Which is well Below this Appraisal...I Build these Camaros forthe Love of Muscle Car and the Joy of going to Work and Loving myJob...If you look at Don Yenkoor Baldwin-Motion...They didn’t do this to become Rich...They justLoved what they did...:)

And ZL-1 427s are Rare tosee on the Show Car Circuit.....When is the Last Time You Saw ZL-1427 Camaro£?
YouPick Out the Colors and Options you want just like at Chevy DealerShip in 1969 and then build your Dream Camaro.WhyBuy someone else's Dream Car when can Build you everything you wantin "Dream Camaro"...Plusyou then know everything about the Build of Your Muscle Car and allHigh-end Parts that will be used.Youwill also know what is underneath the Paint, so no Worries of RustComing Back or Bondo Cracking...
Plusyou will get Pictures of Your ZL-1 427 on Dyno and all the DynoSheets.OnlyHigh-End Parts go into these ZL-1 427 Engine's
If you have Your “Dream Camaro” Stuck in Your Head...I can Build it.
The Muscle Cars did "Real Well" at Barrett-Jackson and Mecum Auction this Year. Barrett Prices were Very High!!! Proving Muscle Cars are Still “Great Investments” and you can also have Fun with them. :)
The Owner of Mecum Auctions does have one of my Camaro's in his Collection
Please look at my Pictures of the Famous Fred Gibb, Dick Harrell 1969 ZL-1 Camaro Race Car. It was the First ZL-1 delivered to Fred Gibb Chevrolet in 1969 and then turned into this Race Car.It Beat the Famous "Sox Martin Hemi Cuda" that had Dominated the Race Circuit!The Fred Gibb ZL-1 also set record of 9.63 seconds at 143 mph and also Won the Pro Stock World Championship.Fred Gibb had to order 50 ZL-1s to be built to Qualify the 1969 Camaro to Race in NHRA.

There was always Mystery about the 1969 ZL-1 Camaros. Not much Information was known.In 1981 were it not for the Curiosity of "Bill Porterfield" and his Persistence in Finding Information on the 1969 ZL-1 Camaros...I believe the ZL-1 Camaro would have been Lost in History.Bill Porterfield Contacted Key people from Vince Piggins at Chevrolet, to Fred Gibb Dealership that ordered the first 50 ZL-1 Camaro's. Fred Gibb was key in Creating the ZL-1 Camaro!!! He knew lot of information on these Special Camaro's. Bill has acquired Substantial amount of Engineering Documents concerning these Camaros and the ZL-1 Aluminum 427 engine's.Bill Porterfield is also Credited for Finding lot of Chevy Documents and Information from Chevy on these Rare 1969 ZL-1 Camaros. The Public did not know much on these Rare ZL-1 427 Muscle Cars.I got these Pictures for my Birthday from Bill Porterfield who owned this Very Special 69 ZL-1 Camaro Race Car.
A 1969  ZL-1 427 Camaro is like owning "Z28 that is on Steroids"!!!These cars are "Scary Fast" and if all that Power does not put "Smile on Your Face" then you are Obviously Dead. :)
My Motors are from the Original  ZL-1 427 Tooling that was found in 1997I have close to $20,000.00 in (My Special all Aluminum ZL-1 427 Engines) and my Engines have Incredible Horse Power and Torque.
If you own 2010 thru 2020 ZL-1 Camaro.....I can Build you 1969 ZL-1 Camaro to Match Your New ZL-1 Camaro The Old Camaro with the New Camaro Side By Side with the Same Colors and Same Options...Doesn't get much better than that. :)

Why Spend "YOUR” Money on YOUR Dream Car that someone else has Already Built to "Their Likes or Taste". It's "YOUR MONEY"  Let me Build it "YOUR WAY" and Paint the Color YOU Always Wanted. YOU Choose the Interior Color YOU Always Wanted also!You Love Houndstooth Great. You Hate Houndstooth, we go with Deluxe Comfortweave or even Standard Interior.
You always wanted 4-Speed so YOU can Melt The Tires!!!! Great... will Build it!Your Tired of Shifting. Then Turbo 400 it is. You can Still Melt the Tires!! It's an Aluminum 427 ZL-1 Motor!!!!You want Air Conditioning because you Live in AZ or CA.... Then "Vintage Air" Air Conditioning Gets Installed.You want to Drive it on the Highway.... than 355 Gears gets installed.You Want to "Smoke" the New Ford Mustang Cobra sitting next to You... then it's 410 Posi and Bye Bye Mustang!!! It's YOUR Dream Car… Let me Build it “YOUR WAY”
There is Real 1969 ZL-1 Camaro on E-Bay for sale.... item number 380288722726

This is “Incredible Camaro” and is Worth More that the $400,000.00 that is already Bid!!!
Who Can afford this kind of Money.... But The "Rich and Famous"£?

I Build ZL-1 Replicas so that “Normal Car Guys” can Live the same Dream as the "Rich and Famous" of Owning the “King of the Muscle Cars” The Legendary 1969 ZL-1 427 Camaro

The King of the Hill was the Legendary 426 Hemi Cuda of the Sox and Martin Race Team

Then along came (The 1969 ZL-1 427 Camaro) and Took the NHRA Crown in 1969

The ZL-1427  Camaro Legend was Born!!!
”Live The Legend”
The Ultimate Dream Muscle Car!!! (Please Look at My "Mirror Reflections" in my Paint Jobs)

The Lemans Blue with White Stripes on the Trailer is Special ZL-1 with Dealer Installed Stripes.There was Original ZL-1 on E-Bay for $500,000.00 Item #200427775680This ZL-1 (Does Not) have it’s Original Motor or any of the Original Drive Train.It also is “Plain Jane” with No Options…and did say $500,000.00I do respect that it is Real ZL-1 but how many people do you know who can afford it£That is why Build these Replicas…People Can Afford my ZL-1s and not have to Higher an Armed Guard to Watch over it. :)
These Camaros were made to be Driven, also taken to Car Shows and to Bring back Your Younger Days of Cruising!!!Not Stuck in Collection Gathering Dust.
This Rare Muscle Car in this Auction is being Built as Correct Replica of 1969 ZL-1 427 Camaro. It will be as Close as you can Get to Real ZL-1 with out Spending “$1 Million Dollars” for an Original 1969 ZL-1 Camaro. Put this ZL-1 Replica Side by Side of an Original and it would be Hard to Tell the Difference. (Except My ZL-1 has More Horse Power and Torque)… and it will be more "Streetable"!!!
I have shown Pictures of Past ZL-1 Camaros have Built, so you can see the Detail take in doing Paint Job and Building Camaro the Correct Way. will Build it the way "You" would have Ordered “Muscle Car” from GM Yourself back in 1969.(You Have Always Wanted to Go “Back In Time” and Order ZL-1 427 Camaro the way “You Wanted it.”)..... (Now You Can)
Primary Purpose of the ZL-1 427 Engine was to provide an All Out Race Motor to the General Public, with Significant Weight Reduction compared to an All Iron 427 Motor. The ZL-1 427 also had (Aluminum Heads and Intake) compared to Iron Heads and Intake.So you can see that the "Weight Savings" was not just in the Block Alone.Remember in the Race World, Every Pounds Saved is like (Gaining in Horse Power.)
The ZL-1 Aluminum Big Blocks Weight was the same as "1969 Z28" Small Block, so the ZL-1 427 would Corner and Brake like 1969 Z28 Small Block. The 1969 Z28 Dominated SCCA Racing that Year and Won the Title for 1968 and 1969.Most of that had to do with the way the 1969 Z28 could Corner and Brake. Your Normal Big Block Camaro was "Front End Heavy" for Cornering and Did Not Stop as well as the 1969 Z28 Camaro.
The ZL-1 Engine was By-Product of Can–Am Racing Technology. The ZL-1 427 Camaro Represented the "Best" of Chevrolets Research and Development.
For Years Cloud of Secrecy and Lack of knowledge has surrounded these Incredible Muscle Cars.The ZL-1 Camaro is the “Ultimate Factory Muscle Car” to come out of Chevrolet. For Chevrolet Motor Division, the ZL-1 Camaro was their "Crown Jewel."Even though Chevrolet was not in the business of Building Race Cars, (these ZL-1’s are the Epitome of Chevy’s Factory Race Cars.) 
The Block is new ZL-1 427 Block made from the (Original ZL-1 Molds). With the Correct ZL-1 Casting NumberThe Original 1969 ZL-1 Mold was found in 1997 buy Chevrolet Engineer when the Winters Foundry was getting rid of Molds they were not using any more. He then Pushed Chevy to make these ZL-1 427 Blocks again in "Limited Quantities."This Same Engineer did the "Up Dating" on the New ZL-1 Blocks. have talked to this now Retired Engineer (Very Nice guy to talk to) and thanked him for bringing back these "Legendary ZL-1 427 Motors."This ZL-1 Block will be [Collectors Item] because of the “Limited” Quantities Made.These new ZL-1 Blocks have "Today’s Technology in Aluminum" and the Oil and Water passages have been Increased in Size for Better Oiling and Cooling. These new ZL-1 427 Blocks are "By Far Superior Block" than the old 1969 ZL-1 427 Blocks.My Engines are Built like the 1969 ZL-1 Black and Gold Prototype Camaros which were more Street-able and used the List 4346 780 Holley Carburetor with Choke off the COPO cast iron 427 Camaro and the COPO 427 Aluminum 3933163 Intake with (TR) Washer Style Bolts.With GM Aluminum Heads, Dated Correct Exhaust Manifolds, Light Weight Fly Wheel, (Lets the Motor Rap Quicker) Correct Bell Housing, Correct Deep Grove Pulleys, Correct Inch Balancer, Correct Dated Spark Plug Wires, Correct GM Hoses with Part Numbers, Correct Tower Clamps, Correct Spring Ring Battery Cables, Correct Curved Neck Radiator, Etc, Etc
The Engine will be Complete Rebuild and Balanced at High End Shop that does lot of the Race Engines for Colorado. Break-in on the ZL-1 427 Motor will be done on Dyno. will have Dyno sheets.
The Camaro will be taken down to Bare Shell and Professionally Plastic Media Blasted by one of the Best Shops in Denver. It will be Media Blasted Top to Bottom, Out Side to Inside, Including: Firewall, Floor Pans, Trunk Pans, Dash, Sub frame Rear Frame Rails.
I can also make this Vinyl Top car. Your Choice. COPO ZL-1's have no Stripes and Vinyl Top Camaro helps break up the Colors. Built Hugger Orange RS ZL-1 Replica and it was just too much Orange. Once added the Black Vinyl Top, the Camaro Looked So Much Better.

This Muscle Car will be New or Rebuilt from One End to the Other.Every Nut, Bolt, Wiring Harness has been taken off of this car. Everything will be New or Rebuilt. Form one end to the other
New Parts Include: Complete Interior, door panels, rear side panels, seats, headliner, sun visors, dash pad, rear package shelf, carpet, pillar post moldings, door sill plates, door fuzzies, complete weather stripping kit, door handles, door jamb vent grilles, wiper arms, wiper motor, washer jar, fuel pump to carb lines, correct block carb lines, complete, front end rebuild kit, suspension bushings, coil springs, shocks, motor mounts, trany mounts, leaf springs, tie rods, ball joints, pitman arm, sub frame was sandblasted, brakes, brake hardware kits, brake lines, hoses, Brake Booster and Master Cylinder, all correct cadmium plating done, emergency brake cables, curved neck COPO radiator, fan shroud, Big Block heater core, blower motor, GM hoses with part numbers, correct tower clamps, belts, all electrical switches, complete under hood engine harness, starter, alternator, voltage regulator, horn relay, rebuilt distributor, 1-Q-69 spark plug wires, spring ring battery cables, parking lights and side markers, housings and lenses, tail light harness, tail light lenses, stainless trim, roof drip moldings, vinyl top and moldings, rocker moldings, quarter panel side louvers, emblems, beauty rings and caps for rally wheels, tires, valve covers, cowl induction air cleaner, all pedal pads and chrome, power steering hoses, clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing, decals, emblems, Etc Etc.
This Camaro will be Painted to Correct Factory Colors top to bottom. Underneath of the car will be on Rotisserie and taken to Bare Metal and then Painted. It will have New Gas Lines, Brake Lines, Hoses, Clips, Dual Exhaust, Shocks, Leaf Springs, Gas Tank and Fuel Tank Sender. It will have single gas line with no return line which is Correct for ZL-1 Camaro.12 Bolt Rear End Sand Blasted, New Brakes, Hoses Hardware Kit and Cad Plating Done.
Two “Special” ZL-1s were made for the "Show Car Circuit" to help Chevrolet Sales in 1969. They were Black with Gold Z28 Strips. These “Special" ZL-1 Camaros had ZL-1 Emblems on the Front Grille, Rear Tail Light Panel and Hood to Promote the ZL-1 427 Motors. have had the ZL-1 Emblems Reproduced for this Replica am Building.These Emblems are Reproduced (At High Expense) to the Specs of the Two Show Cars off of Old 1969 Photos and Blue Prints.A Lot of Research was done to make these Emblems as Close as Possible. have the GM Blue Prints Dated 1969 for the ZL-1 Emblems. And have the "Only set of Original GM Blue Prints" to Build the Black and Gold Prototype Camaro...
I Will Not make any of these ZL-1 Emblems for sale ....."So Don’t Ask".
I have been Playing with and Restoring Camaros for 29 Years. My Name, Camaro and my Documents are in the Jerry MacNeish Book “The Definitive 1969 Camaro Fact Book“ and John Hoopers Book “The 1969 Camaro Reference Book. My Name is also on Wayne Guinns Web Site for Finding Prototype ZL-1 Blocks and Prototype Cross Rams and will also be in his updated Book “Camaro Untold Secrets.”
My Price will Beat Any Barrett-Jackson Prices and NO Commissions
I also Start Out with Nice Real 1969 Camaro Body so you know what you are getting.
For the guys who like Pro-Street or Pro-Touring Ride Like a newer Camaro, I can use complete Full Frame Chassis from the  "Roadster Shop" the SPEC Series...Go to there Web Site and Watch the Video on the 67-69 Camaros or can use Chris Alston Sub frame that just “bolts in” also 
This ZL-1 427 Camaro will be Muscle Car you will be Proud to Pass Down to your Son or Daughter. My Camaro’s are Built to Last!
These Muscle Cars are "Better than any Stocks in Value or 401Ks" and you Can Take Them Out and "Play" With Them!There is no Better way to "Relive your Youth" than by Driving 1969 Camaro from your Younger Days. Car Shows are now more for the "Family" and it is also the Best way to meet New Car Guys. Plus you will Always get the Thumbs Up by Everybody when you are Cruising in Your "New 1969 Dream Camaro"!!!
also Build Yenko and COPO Replicas!! If you Do Not have the Patience to Wait for one of my Builds please look at my "Ready to Ship" ZL-1 at the "Volo Auto Museum"... I Built this Le Mans Blue Camaro about years ago...Ebay Item 113149028365...They are selling the ZL-1 Camaro for $125,000

                                                          Any Questions just E-Mail me or call my Cell. 303-332-8696 ) 
                                                                          Please Look at my Other Auctions

Q: Isee you’re Denver based. Where about? I’m near Boulder. likeyour builds- looking for more pro tour (EFI, IFS, electriceverything, air, heat). What do your cars run?A: Doyou want $2500.00 Suspension,or DSE Suspension at $7500.00 or theRoadster Shop Full Frame “SPEC” Suspension at $15,000.00? Do youwant $10,000.00 LS1 Engine, Or $15,000.00 572 Crate Engine or aLT4 Vet Engine for $20,000.00£ Do you want Muncie 4-Speed or aTKO 5-Speed or 700R4 Automatic Transmission?
Do you want DakotaDigital Gauges or Stock Gauges? Do you want TMI Full Custom LeatherInterior or Stock Interior? Etc etc...Pro-Touringis Hard to give Price on when you don't give me Spec,s to go offof....StockHood Hinges are $98.00 on Camaro... just Paid $790.00 Dollars forCustom Billet Hood Hinges....Bestto call me and tell me what you want or tell me what your Budget isOr what the “Wife” will let you Spend...Lol....and can tell youwhat can Build for your Budget...  Q: Wow!! Absolutely LOVE the cars you are building!! My goal is to drive one of these as daily vehicle! My interest is your ZL-1 with TKO speed trans, all disc brakes and a/c. Do you build per order? As in, check all the boxes that want and then arrange payment and wait for Muscle Car Christmas£ want to know what price car like this, built by you, would cost. That way can make sure can make it happen! Please let me know. Thank you! Rich11-16-19A: Thanks... My Camaros Run and Drive Very Nice so they can Easily be driven Every Day.  A 2015 ZL-1 Camaro that Sold New for $65,000 is Now Selling used for $40,000... Why Loose $25,000.00 in car.......1969 Camaros keeping Going Up and Up in Price... And 1969 Camaro is lot Cheaper to "Maintain also". My Camaros are Made to Order...So can Build it “Your Way”...I use "Vintage Air"  A/C Kits...Fits Very Nice.... have used TKO 5-Speeds and 700R4s Etc, etc.   have also used Chris Alston or DSE Suspensions...Plus Wilwood Wheel Disc Brakes... It will be “Your Dream Car” so will Build it “Your Way”....

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