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1992 Porsche 964

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Last update: 24.11.2016

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Drive Type:RWD
Exterior Color:Slate Grey
Trim:'TS2' Option Code
Interior Color:Black
Engine:381hp Andial Built to Turbo S spec.
Vehicle Title:Clear
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1992 Porsche 964 for sale
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Classic 1992 Porsche 964 for Sale
Classic 1992 Porsche 964 for SaleClassic 1992 Porsche 964 for Sale

1992 Porsche 964 Turbo S2Slate Grey Metallic/Q9Light Grey/Classic Grey Full Leather (TH)VIN:  WP0AA2968NS480224,Engine #: 61N00727 (M30/69), Transmission 2000810 (G50/52)Power: 381hp@6,200rpm, Torque: 354 lb/ft 4,800rpmWeight 1497kg/3,300lbs0-60mph: 4.8sec, Top Speed 286km/hr 178mph, ¼ Mile 13.0sec @110mph  (Source Car and Driver)Production completion date July 30, 1991What is 964 Turbo S2? In America, IMSA had established Bridgestone SupercarChampionship for near-production Racing cars based on the Porsche 911 Turbo,Acura NSX, Nissan 300ZX and Lotus Esprit Turbo. Running from 1991 to 1995 at circuits such as Lime Rock, Watkins Glen,Road Atlanta and Laguna Seca, these production-based sports cars were driven bythe likes of Hans Stuck, Hurley Haywood, Doc Bundy, David Donohue, Randy Probstand Cass Whitehead.  Predictably, Porschedominated and won most of the races convincingly!After the 1991 season in which Hurley Haywood wasvictorious, Porsche introduced the 964 Turbo at the Geneva Salon.  This was special lightweight version of the964 Turbo, shedding 420lbs, and fitted with special engine developing 381hpthrough the use of larger Turbo, more efficient intercooler, hottercamshafts, larger exhaust valves, and raised boost pressure to 11.3psi. Torquewas up to 361lb/ft 4,800rpm.   PaulFrere measured 0-100km/hr in 4.5 seconds, and 180mph top speed.  80 vehicles were produced at 295,000DM, andtoday they are very expensive.The 964 Turbo was never offered in North Americabecause of emissions regulations. However Porsche needed to sell 20 examples of their highest performing911 Turbo to Homologate it for the Supercup series.  So what they did was to take 20 stock 964Turbos that had landed in the US, and sent them to Andial*, which ran PCNA’sMotorsport division, to modify the engines to Turbo specifications.  These 20 cars were sold through US dealersadding the “911 Turbo S2” option and an extra $10,065 to the Windowsheets.  This option is also listed onthe Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (COA), and all factory records of thecar.  So, unique to these 20 examples,they had the Turbo engine, but with the standard 964 turbo suspension andinterior.  This was great combinationfor anybody who planned on driving their Turbo on the road, as the EuropeanTurbo had an extremely punishing suspension on all but the smoothest pavement(or Track).*Someof Andial’s major motorsports accomplishments include:  The 24-Hours of Daytona saw ANDIAL's engine in the winner's circle from1983 through 1987 and again in 1989. note of interest: In 1987, the firstthrough fifth place finishers were in ANDIAL cars. The IMSA Supercar SeriesChampionship in 1992. IMSA-GT Championships in 83, 85, 86, and 87. NorthAmerican GT-1 Endurance Cup Championship in 1994 and GTS-2 in 1996. SCCA WorldChallenge USA in 1994.  Class winsPikes Peak in 94, 96, 97, and 98.Porsche stated that the engine developed 322hp at6,200rpm (vs. 315hp for the standard Turbo), but nobody who drove the carbelieved it.  Car and driver tested thecar and measured its 100mph-150mph acceleration at 19.7sec vs. 27.7 for thestandard car.  0-60mph was achieved in4.8sec and the quarter mile was covered in 13.0 sec at 110mph.  The engine was actually producing the same381hp as the Turbo S, and had even higher hp than the 1993/94 964 Turbo 3.6which was rated at 360hp, making it the highest output version of aSingle Turbo motor that Porsche made. Aninternal memo that Porsche sent to Dealership parts managers on Jan 26, 1993lists the parts and part #’s that differentiate ‘S2’ from the normal 911Turbo:Camshaft4-6                            964 105 24609Camshaft1-3                            964 105 247P3Turbocharger                           K27 930 123 09900Intercooler                               930 110 330P3CamshaftDrive Adapter            930 105 171 P3AirHose                                   930110 334 P3AirHose Clamp                        930 110336 P3Pulleybolt                                M5 N014 73P 3 Standard equipment for the S2 also included Full Leather,Full Power Seats, Electric Sunroof, integrated central locking with alarmsystem, and heated and electrically adjustable rear view mirrors.About this 964 Turbo S2This S2 has unquestioned provenance with copy of thePorsche Certificate of Authenticity and the original window sheet listing theimportant ‘S2’ option.  Of the 20 S2’smade, 10 went to Champion Porsche in Florida, who created 'S2' engine cover badge made out of  928 GTS letters, but this car was sold by PaulMiller Porsche in New Jersey.  Optionsinclude the Electric Sunroof, CD player, and Bridgestone tires as well as the‘Porsche 911 Turbo S2’ option.A large maintenance file accompanies the vehicle, alongwith recent Pre Purchase Inspection. Also included is the Connecticut Title in the name of the previousowner, as well as the importation documentation from when the car sold intoCanada in May 2007 with 74,192miles, and CARFAX report showing no accidenthistory. Ownership HistoryThe records that are with the car show that the car wasfirst registered on April 7, 1993 in New Jersey.  In June 1999 the car was sold to Thomas Spence fromOdessa Florida with 54,710mi by Kennedy Motor Sport in Holly Hill, Florida. Mr.Spence had Kennedy Porsche give the car major service including replacementof the steering rack and interior carpets. Also Bilstein shocks, lowering kit, alignment, and short shift kitwas installed at total cost of $7,420. Mr. Spense maintained the car at Dave White’s Autosports in Tampa, wherethe car received routine maintenance. In August 1998 the car was taken toClassic Auto Interiors Accessories in Tampa, FL and the seats wererecovered in Black leather (from light Grey), and the Porsche crest wasembroidered in the headrests.  The restof the interior was died black. As well all the glass was removed and new sealswere installed.  The work for this cost$3,949.  The next owner was Mr. Barry Kelly of East Hartford, CTwho purchased the car in 2001 with approximately 62,000miles. In addition toregular maintenance, in May 2001 he ordered Ruf Steering wheel.  In Sept 2001 Mr. Barry purchased 18x8 and18x10 Porsche ‘Turbo Twist’  wheels andBridgestone Pole Position tires from the Tire Rack, at cost of $2,340. In Mayof 2002 he had installed H&R 964 Coil Over Suspension at cost of $1,836for parts, and $1,142 in labour.  He alsospent $1,334 covering the front parts of the car with clear film.The current owner, commercial Pilot and Albertaresident, purchased the car from Mr. Barry in May 2007 with 74,192miles, andhad the car imported into Canada.  TheConnecticut Title in Mr. Barry’s name remains with the paperwork.  The Canadian ‘Form 1’ and AlbertaRegistration (Canadian Title) are included in the documentation.  At 74,217miles the steering rack was replaced, again, thistime by South Centre Porsche (Now Porsche Centre Calgary), along with an oilservice at cost of $3,084.  At 77,990miles,in May 2008, the car was taken to Reigel Tuning to sort out multiple oil leaks.  The owner of the shop told the owner thatsince the engine was being taken out, and many gaskets were being replaced,that he might as well split the case and renew the main and con rod bearings aswell. Other than oil leaks, the engine did not have any problems prior totaking it in for service, and the rebuild was ‘preventative’.  The cylinder barrels, pistons and rings werenot changed.  This engine seal andbearing replacement was completed at cost of $16,775.  The air pump and catalytic converter were removed from the vehicle.  The engine was subsequently dyno’d where itshowed 366hp at the rear wheels, with 354 lb/ft of torque – exactly the samenumber as the factory quoted when new, although this is net figure not gross which reflects the gain in power from replacing the cat with test pipe (easily reverted to stock). Other routine maintenance was performed by Reigel Tuning from 2008 topresent and includes new brakes, Turbo rebuild, tires, AC service etc. etc. Oneof the tech’s who worked on the car at Riegel, Casey Connor, is now the ServiceManager at Porsche Centre Calgary, and remembers the car well.  In May 2016 the car was given PPI at Reigelin anticipation of selling the vehicle and various work was recommendedincluding new windshield, wiper arm, and misc items.  All this work was carried out at cost of$4,166.  ConditionThis Turbo wears its original paint, and the paint metershows paint depth of between 200-300 micrometers consistently on every panel evidenced by the photographs of the paint meter. The aging 3m was pulled off, and the car has had the sill panels and front and rear bumper repainted due to rock chips and minor scratches by Cosmos Collision our Porsche Certified Body Shop. The car has never been in anaccident. The windscreen is new.  The car has had an interior colour change from Grey toBlack.  The seats have been recentlyrecovered with correct leather, and look new. There is some evidence of wear to the door panel armrests where some ofthe dye has light scratches, exposing the light grey underneath.  Dash, carpets, headliner, sun visors,console, rear seating area are all very good. The windows have beentinted.  There is evidence of previousaftermarket stereo/Alarm wiring which can easily be removed. The car is supplied with several grey interior panels which will help if the next owner wants to revert back to the original colour.The car comes with the 18” wheels/tires which itcurrently wears and are unscuffed, along with the 17” ‘Cup’ wheels that wereoriginal to it. SummaryThis 964 Turbo S2 presents very well and is very nicedriver, though it is not show car as it wears its original paint and has had90,000 miles of careful use.  All theservice is up to date on the car, and the engine and Turbo have been recentlyfreshened along with the brakes and tires... The car has been regularly driven and carefully maintained withoutregard for cost by series of knowledgeable and fastidious owners.As for driver, the car wants for nothing, and is readyto be used and enjoyed.  For collectorany of the modifications to the car such as the interior, springs, steeringwheel and wheels can be reverted back to stock for moderate cost.  Most of the 911 Turbos have come to grief atsome point during their lives, it is rare for such powerful car to still wearits original paint.The 964 S2 is very rare variant of the 911 Turbo.  There were only 20 made, and only 100 3.3Turbos with the ‘Turbo S’ 381hp state of tune were ever sold. This is thehighest hp single Turbo engine ever offered by Porsche, and the car has alegitimate racing connection to the IMSA Supercar Series which Porsche won.  With only 20 of these cars built, and anunknown number remaining, this is rare opportunity to purchase significant911 Turbo. A Flickr album with over 100 photographs was created, please copy and paste this link:https://flic.kr/s/aHskxzJgmZ
US Buyers:We can have the car imported with Duty, Customs and Brokerage paid, and delivered to most addresses in the continental US for $7,500.  This car is over 25 years old, so there are no compliance issues.  Canadian Buyers:Canadian Residents are subject to Canadian Sales Tax added to the Auction Price.
Porsche Centre Calgary is Porsche Dealer operating out of Calgary, Alberta Canada.  We are approximately 600miles East of Vancouver, and about the same distance from Spokane, WA.  We have recently set up an eBay Account, mostly in response to the low Canadian Dollar, which enables us to sell the cars  for lower $US amount.  While the Porsche Centre Calgary ebay account is new, have been active on eBay for 15 years under the username of MercsandRovers.  Also have Youtube channel under LawrenceR, and Google search will reveal significant amount of automotive related content under Lawrence Romanosky. am the General Sales Manager of Porsche Centre Calgary, and write the descriptions of the cars. 
 $        611.00
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